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No Horse Rides this Summer at Snowbird

Kelly String

Normally about this time each summer, we are announcing that the horses are coming to Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, but this year is different. Snowbird began a large scale construction project that will consume all of this summer and next so we won’t be offering rides again at Snowbird until summer 2017.

Due to this fact, we will be selling many of our Snowbird quality horses and mules so they don’t just laze around and get fat on summer pasture and winter hay. If you ever enjoyed riding horses like Black Powder, Bruce and Remington or mules like Marshall Dillon and Sally, contact us to arrange a test drive. These are all horses and mules we have used for years in our outfitting business that almost anyone can ride and they will all keep you safe on the trail.

In the mean time if a summer horseback ride is on your bucket list, we would like to suggest contacting Flying J Outfitters for a horseback ride at either Moon Lake or Defa’s Dude Ranch in Northeastern Utah. We will be offering horse rides and backcountry adventures from our home base here in Challis, Idaho. Come join us!

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You can't sell Sally! She made me laugh playing tag with you during my bear hunt and she seemed to be a gentle soul.

4 years ago

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