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April is the Time to Apply for Trophy Species Bighorn Sheep, Moose and Mountain Goat

clip_image002Beginning April 1 you can apply for what Idaho terms as “trophy species” including bighorn sheep, mountain goat and moose. As much as I disdain having to draw for any hunting opportunity, these 3 species are rare enough that it is impossible to maintain a healthy herd AND offer an over the counter opportunity, so they regulate through a drawing process. The beauty, and yes I did say beauty, of Idaho’s draw system is that everyone has the same chance of drawing. There is not a bonus point system which really levels the playing field when it comes to draw hunts.

If you are hunting with us or any other outfitter, you will already have your license which is required to be purchased before applying, you may want to go ahead and apply this year. Again, you have the same odds of drawing as the next guy. Contact us if you would like information on hunting or applying for these trophy species.

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